Island Pacific Allocation Manager

Island Pacific Allocation and Replenishment optimizes on Island Pacific’s 40 years plus of retail experience ensuring that regardless of channel the retailer has the right stock in the right place at the right time. With the cross channel Allocation & Replenishment inventory management capabilities you can set static stock levels of minimum, ideal and maximum stock levels by item and store; or dynamic stock levels based on minimum and maximum days of supply or replenishment calculations that react to historical trends and forward sales projections.

Island Pacific Allocation Manger is a separate module which can integrate seamlessly alongside your existing solutions. 

  • Alternatively, it can work seamlessly alongside Island Pacific Planning and Merchandising Solution  
  • Providing  extensive capabilities for all your multichannel allocation needs  
  • Supporting the full product life cycle as well as ensuring right stock right place right time.  
  • Saving time, increasing efficiency and ensuring you maximize sales 
  • Allocation Manager supports the full product life cycle  and has many different allocation methods. 

Like Item, Like Store Feature simplifies the management of new store opening & new product launches.

Allocation workbench- Allocation workbench allows saving and accessing of allocations for future access and review. 

Workbench management tool.  Workbench management tool allows senior allocators to designate & prioritise which products are allocated by junior allocations. 

Prioritisation of allocations to determine which products and allocations should be allocated in which order. 

Allocation Approval Process allows control of allocations. 

Multiple allocations methods for different scenarios and business needs. 

Performance versus Plan Allocation Method integrating with a store plan and a unit & option plan to adjust store need 

Sell Off % Allocation Method integrates with a Unit & Option plan and also features same or like Style-Colour performance to provide the allocator with essential information when adjusting the store need. 

Dynamic Analysis Allocation Method  -the ultimate in flexibility. This method integrates with Planning Analytics to allow drilling through hierarchies and data to determine the store’s need.

Flexibility to allocate from multiple warehouses & distribution centres stock on hand or a purchase order.

Stock Management efficiency providing the ability to allocate singles, distribution lots or pre-packs.




Key benefits of Island Pacific Planning Allocation

  • Invest in a state of the art Planning Allocation module 
  • Saves time 
  • Increases efficiency 
  • Increases control 
  • One place to view all allocations 
  • Ability to Integrate with existing architecture 
  • Tight integration with SmartPlanning components