Supplier Management

Island Pacific understands the importance of supplier collaboration for retailers today

  • Two way real time vendor communication  
  • The Island Pacific Supplier portal is a tool, which supports retailers in developing stronger relations with their vendors, allowing them to react to market demands with agility
  • Enabling retailers and suppliers to interact seamlessly online for all communications including, products, purchase orders, deliveries, return to vendors and invoicing
  • Providing retailers the tools to realise the benefit of faster communication and reduced administration costs
  • Providing real time online collaboration for all key interactions, including comprehensive retail time messages and alerts as well as a full audit and approval process 
  • Faster communication.  
  • Ability to react quickly.  
  • Automation of communication and collaboration 
  • Reduce costs from retailers supply chain
  • Reduce administration costs significantly 
  • Increase efficiency and automation across all departments including:
    • Buying
    • Finance
    • Merchandising
    • Logistics
    • Suppliers