Assortment Manager

Island Pacific Assortment Manager

  • Reduce manual effort
  • Transition seamlessly from high level planning into assortment planning with cross planning, store planning.
  • Grading and option planning
  • Automatic store grading
    • By performance space and other attributes
  • Range phasing
  • Option planning
  • Integrated seamlessly  with merchandise and store plan
  • Historical data and plan values
  • Best practice assortment management tool for today’s global retailers



Why invest in an Assortment Planning tool?

Precision management of assortments is a crucial part of an effective retail strategy. With the correct planning and management of assortments, retailers can meet their financial targets whilst offering what it is that their customers want, where and when they want it

Island Pacific Assortment Manager and Merchandising Planning allow retailers control over the breadth, length and depth of their product assortments from the top down and together support buying within the budget framework of the business to close margins and meet financial goals.

Users of Island Pacific’s assortment management software can easily slide between managing ranges at a high-level, right down to store grading, option planning and range planning. The module is flexible, easy-to-use and allows users to review and manage ranges both graphically and visually alongside any associated images. For even more clarity and control, selections can be refined based on what’s important to the business, such as by collection, seasons, phasing and more.

Key benefits of Island Pacific Assortment Manager:

  • Invest in a state of the art assortment management software
  • Saves time
  • Increases efficiency
  • Increases control
  • Manage assortment breadth, length and depth
  • Manage assortments visually and graphically
  • Supports buying within a budget framework