Merchandise Planning

  • Plan your merchandise and inventory strategically 
  • Top down, bottom up pre-season and in-season merchandise planning as well as key item forecasting across multiple channels  



Open to Buy

  • Integrated open to buy management and control
  • Provide your teams with the tools to make the right purchasing decisions to drive growth in your business 
  • Control your purchases align them against budgets highlight your understocks and overstocks seamlessly 
  • Choose from Core Plan for business specified planning process or FastPlan for pre-canned best practice planning. Including Pre- season and in season merchandise planning as well as key item forecasting. 


Line/Key Item Planning

  • Want to focus on your key items and plan them and seamlessly tie them into your overall plan we have just the solution
  • Plan your key items effortlessly
  • Focus on the items, which drive the biggest return

Why Invest in a Merchandise Planning Solution

Merchandising planning software gives retailers the tools needed to put in place high-level strategic plans pre-season as well as in-season plans for merchandise and channels. Using gap analysis to compare the two, retailers can ensure they keep on track with the aims of their strategic plans and meet their criteria for success. Detailed planning allows retailers to maximise return on investment by increasing profitability.

Use merchandising plans to drive full planning life-cycle management, set out strategic budget plans, as well as cross-channel and store planning. Island Pacific’s Merchandising Planning module lets you dive into export capabilities, grants access to integrated reporting and much more.

Working with Island Pacific’s assortment management software, Merchandising Planning gives retailers diverse control over the breadth, length and depth of their product ranges at all levels.

Key benefits of Island Pacific Merchandising Planning software:

  • Invest in a state of the art merchandise planning software
  • Saves time
  • Increases efficiency
  • Increases control
  • Drive full planning lifecycle management
  • High-level pre-season plans
  • In-season planning across merchandise and channels
  • Supports buying within a budget framework