Master Data

Island Pacific provides the tools for retailers to manage their business. It is extremely flexible allowing a retailer to focus strategically across all of their channels and merchandise hierarchy or tactically at the lowest level of detailThe channel and merchandise hierarchy consists of several levels as well as business defined attributes all of which are prevalent and accessible for executing reports and business processes thus ensuring you have the maximum flexibility to manage the business. 


Master Data

  • Flexible Merchandise hierarchy Flexible channel hierarchy
  • Business defined product attributes
  • Product enrichment
  • Allows management of key channels and merchandise across all retail processes
  • Data integrity
  • Ease of management of product information
  • Mass ability to change item details
  • Extensive fields for product information
  • Full Item substitute support

Stock Ledger

  • Full data integrity across all channels 
  • Starting with beginning inventory and ending with ending inventory  
  • All other processes tracking 
  • Unit adjustments 
  • Markdowns 
  • Price changes 
  • Deals promotions  
  • Purchases 
  • Distribution’s  
  • Transfers 
  • Sales  
  • Returns  

Island Pacific provides comprehensive tools for inventory management across all of your retail channels.  Its stock ledger data has the highest level of integrity and is held in retail cost and units across every channel.  With our various inventory management features the business can easily manage the physical inventory process and stock takes, manage stock adjustments and transfers, as well as producing stock ledger analysis and audit reports