Services & Support


At Island Pacific, our customers are our top priority.

We provide a comprehensive range of implementation services including project management, consultation, technical consulting and training.

Our professional services team have many years of experience of working with many different types of retailers deploying the Island Pacific SmartSuite.

We collaborate with our retail customers to ensure your new software is implemented easily and seamlessly integrates into your business.


We have comprehensive training solutions available to ensure your team members can quickly and effectively use your new system.


The Island Pacific SmartSuite published product roadmap is accessible by all users so that you can stay abreast of upcoming improvements and enhancements.

Project Management

Deliver your project on time and on budget with the support of our experienced team.

Business Consulting

Work with our professional and experienced consultants to learn new ways to streamline your business processes and implement technology solutions to improve your business.

Methodology Circuit


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, globally.

At Island Pacific, we are committed to being available to help you and your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have support centers in the US, UK, India, Australia and NZ to make sure that we always have experts on hand to answer your questions and resolve your challenges, and we use a live, web-based tracking system to ensure your support ticket is followed through to completion.

You can choose from standard support with access to the latest version of Island Pacific software.

Additionally you can choose to invest in Application Managed Services and allow Island Pacific team to manage the software on your behalf

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Application Managed Services

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Versatile Hosting

When retailers select Island Pacific SmartSuite they can rest assured knowing that they are working with a solution provider who offers a flexible approach to the deployment of the solution based on the specific needs of the client.  Island Pacific supports both on premise and hosted solutions.>


Island Pacific also supports a hosted solution where the Island Pacific software is hosted in a private cloud environment.  Many retailers are selecting the private cloud hosted environment as an option as it minimizes resource strain on their internal IT department through the payment of a monthly fee and offering increased scalability and speed.  As many retailers do not then need the internal resource to manage the hardware, it can improve scalability and speed as retailers no longer need to invest time in buying and setting up hardware and software.  They can seamlessly scale up or down depending on their usage, which frees up companies’ internal teams so that they can focus more on innovation instead of managing resources.

On Premise

Island Pacific supports on premise where the Island Pacific software can be installed and run on the premises of the retailers.  Many of Island Pacific’s customers choose an on-premise solution where the Island Pacific software can be installed and run on their retail premises because their IT strategy is that they wish to have total control of their systems and data at their corporate headquarters and prefer to have critical business infrastructure residing in-house supported by their in house IT staff.

Managed Service

Managed services from Island Pacific provide you with a customized solution to support your specific business needs ensuring you get the most from your IT systems.  A managed services approach to the delivery and running of your solution gives you the reassurance that we will constantly monitor and assess your systems and make sure that they are fully aligned with your business needs.

Island Pacific Cloud

Island Pacific Cloud provides Island Pacific SmartSuite in the cloud available off premise in a Managed and Hosted environment. Island Pacific Cloud is available on the latest bleeding edge technology and provides a flexible and scalable solution.  Learn more about the features and benefits of Island Pacific Cloud here.