Six Reasons Why Retailers Choose Island Pacific

Six Reasons Why Retailers Choose Island Pacific

There are many reasons why retailers choose to invest in the Island Pacific solution we asked one of our recent implementations and they gave us the following 6 reasons as to why they chose the Island Pacific solution

Reason 1 Product Maturity & Success

Island Pacific has been providing software solutions successfully to retailers globally for over 40 years.   When choosing the solution, the fact that it is possible to meet with and converse with other long standing customers of Island Pacific, who can talk to the relationship they have had with Island Pacific is a big comfort factor. It’s important to know that the software supplier you choose invests in managing and creating great customer relationships long after the initial sale has taken place.

Reason 2 Commercial Viability

Island Pacific has a reputation for delivering solutions which are commercially viable and retailers can see that they will deliver an ROI and even more importantly a strong reputation of delivering solutions which are on time and on budget.

Reason 3 Flexibility to Support Business Process

The Island Pacific SmartSuite solution is feature rich but it has many preferences, this means it is extremely flexible at supporting nuances in retail business practice whilst offering a framework which is best in retail practice.

Reason 4 Speed of Design & Implementation

Retail software projects often have a reputation for being extremely painful and long drawn out. The Island Pacific solution bucks this trend.   The solution is modular so retailers are able to pick and choose specific module which support their exact requirements.

Reason 5 Cultural Fit

Island Pacific only recruit staff who have worked in retail so they get the issues that retailers face.  They understand the pain and they can offer the right solution. The team speak the same language and are easy to work with

Reason 6 Flexible Scalable Technology

Island Pacific offer very flexible options when it comes to implementation whether that be private cloud or on premise solutions, the retailer has the option to choose.  Plus, as the Island Pacific SmartSuite solutions are end to end and modular it is possible to really envision a roadmap of how you can onboard new modules over time which answer a specific issue within the retail organization.