Pricing & Promotions

Island Pacific Pricing and Promotions

This tool, part of Island Pacific’s retail inventory and data management software – SmartRetail, is the workhorse you need to manage the pricing and promotional activity across the inventories and channels of your business operations.

Have a price change in mind? Implement your price changes easily, either permanently or on a temporary basis with the Pricing and Promotions tool. Expand on this further with the tool’s ability to create elaborate and effective promotion and deal scenarios.

If you’re a large multi-site or multi-region retailer it is more than likely that you will want the flexibility to control inventories and channels that may be subject to different pricing strategies. With Island Pacific’s Pricing and Promotions tool you are able to efficiently group stores, channels and regions with a price group, which gives you the freedom to apply the appropriate pricing strategy.

Key benefits of Island Pacific Pricing and Promotions:

  • Invest in a state of the art Pricing and Promotions module
  • Saves time
  • Increases efficiency
  • Increases control
  • Manage pricing activity across all inventories, channels and regions
  • Efficiently implement different pricing strategies

For a demo, or to learn more about Island Pacific Pricing and Promotions and our inventory management software, contact us today.

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