COVID-19 How Island Pacific Solutions Can Support Specialist Retailers

COVID-19 How Island Pacific Solutions Can Support Specialist Retailers

As many specialist retailers around the world prepare to start opening their doors in the wake of COVID-19.   Retailers are moving fast, focusing on business to bounce back as expeditiously and robustly as possible.  In tandem, they are   focusing on which measures need to be taken to sustain future growth.   Here at Island Pacific we have reviewed our current offering and aim to provide some solutions which both our customers and the wider retailing community can take advantage of, in order to help facilitate their recovery.


How Can We Help?

We have put together several packages which aim to tackle key inventory issues, which we believe retailers are facing now.

We have also aimed to ensure that these packages can be delivered both simply and at the same time deliver the results and the return on investment prior to completing payment for the solution

  • Prepackaged services, all of which can be delivered in 3 months
  • Payment options for when the return of investment has been delivered
  • Focusing on key issues which retailers are facing today
    • Managing inventory issues and realigning current stock and future inventory
    • Controlling cash within the business and helping ensure open to buy is spent where it needs to be spent
    • Omnichannel solutions which provide flexible delivery options for improved customer service.
    • Business intelligence solutions across all applications so the team can make the most informed decisions
    • Improve processes and communications, save time and reduce manual effort



Package 1 Omnichannel Solution 

Providing Curbside, Special Orders, BOPIS, Click & Collect, Reserve & Collect.

Improved customer service.

Making the most effective use of your stock and offering your customers the delivery options they want!


Package 2 Allocation, Replenishment & Stock Balancing

Ensure initial allocations and ongoing allocations are completely optimized across all channels.

Reducing markdowns and transfers.

Increasing sales.

Supported by an integrated stock balancing tool.


Package 3 Planning & Open to Buy

Helping control cash and making decisions quickly about spending open to buy where it is needed most in the business.


Package 4 Business Intelligence & Key Performance Indicators

Improved decision making.  Delivering a real-time online and mobile reporting tool across SmartSuite & any other third party applications.


Package 5 Online Supplier Communication via Supplier Portal

Replace manual effort and time wasted on phone calls and emails.

Communicate quickly and seamlessly with all your suppliers online.


Package 6 Online Wholesale & Franchise Communication via Customer Portal

Communicate seamlessly online with your wholesale and franchisee partners.

Replace manual effort and time wasted on phone calls and emails.


Package 7 Move from On Premise to Cloud

Move from on premise to a cloud with full managed and hosted services from Island Pacific

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