Unified Commerce – the next phase of Omni-Channel

The difference between Omni-Channel and Unified Commerce

Omni-channel retail is typically associated with selling across multiple channels for example in-store, on the web via franchise and wholesale or via Amazon or eBay. However, these channels may not be in anyway connected. A challenge for many retailers with their current systems is that the channels operate in silo’s i.e. retailers do not have one piece of software which connects your channels and provides one version of inventory reality.

Enter Unified Commerce, the next phase of omni-channel. Unified Commerce creates a much simpler connected real time world. A seamless single cloud-based platform which links all your channels together with one view of your inventory and a single view of your customer. Allowing you to manage all your omni-channel strategy in one place in real time. Providing one version of reality to both you and your customer.

How many retailers are investing in a Unified Commerce platform?

Unified Commerce is accelerating fast. The reality is many retailers know they need it to offer the service that the customers need however the challenge is taking their existing systems and adapting, augmenting or replacing them to fit this need and fast!

Many retailers now recognize that a cloud based Unified-Commerce platform is the cornerstone to a dynamic flourishing omni-channel business. A survey conducted by Boston Retail Partners (BRP) found in 2018, 28% of 500 top North American retailers had already implemented Unified Commerce.

This percentage is set to increase rapidly the same survey predicts, by 2020, 81% of retailers plan to deploy a Unified Commerce platform.

Unified Commerce – delivers what customers want

Customers are increasingly more sophisticated and adept at quickly identifying gaps in a retailer’s offer and are voting with their wallets. Regardless of the channel they choose, customers want their shopping experience to be managed effectively. It’s easy to see why so many retailers are planning to implement a Unified Commerce strategy as there are so many benefits to both the retailer and the customer. The bottom line is that Unified Commerce delivers what customers want. Creating a superior seamless experience for all involved. “Gartner describes Unified retail Commerce as providing a customer-centric experience, based on how customers approach shopping, with no limitations by channel”.

Unified Commerce the future

In today’s fast paced omni-channel retail environment, the overriding message is that retailers need to have plans in place to deliver what their customers want and provide a customer-centric Unified Commerce solution. A single platform that manages your inventory, sales channels, products, pricing, shipping, customer and communications. This is increasingly what customers have come to expect as standard.

Island Pacific & Unified Commerce

Island Pacific has invested in ensuring that the Island Pacific SmartSuite solution can provider retailers with everything they need to deliver a superior service to your customer. Choose from an end to end solution or simply one of our modules to integrate with your existing architecture. Contact us today to find out more.


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