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Order Management System

A key element of excellent retail service is ensuring that customer orders are completed in a timely and efficient manner. Whether, you are dealing with consumers in store, online, over the phone, or by mail or dealing with Business to Business orders in a wholesale or franchise environment, it is crucial that your customer receives their goods on time and in the right location. Island Pacific SmartOrder is a software solution that streamlines order management by bringing all your sales channels together, in one integrated system.




Island Pacific SmartOrder is a highly configurable order management solution with an extendable and customizable architecture. This means it can be easily scaled up or down to meet with the changing demands of retail business, and you can manage orders across any number of sales channels.




Real-time Order Tracking

In addition to its capability of capturing customer data for marketing purposes, Island Pacific SmartOrder allows you to automate communications, giving customers full visibility of their order at all times. And if you incorporate Island Pacific SmartStore, our POS software and Island Pacific SmartOmni, our Omnichannel software, you will have access to a fully integrated solution that not only gives you visibility and control over order management, but all multi-channel activity in the business.




Key benefits of Island Pacific SmartOrder order management system:

  • Covert sales by offering paths to purchase that suit your customers’ needs
  • Create a holistic picture of your customers with data from multiple channels
  • Streamline call centre efficiency and productivity.

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Multi-channel purchase options

With Island Pacific SmartOmni and Island Pacific SmartOrder your customers can purchase online, via catalogue, over the phone or in-store. You’ll be able to manage wholesale and franchise orders, click and collect orders, backorders, special orders and more. You’ll also be able to offer your customers multiple shipping destinations per order and multiple payment options.

Endless aisle

Island Pacific SmartOmni, in collaboration with Island Pacific SmartOrder and Island Pacific SmartStore, offers an order orchestration engine which consolidates all in-stock items from across all your stock locations to create an ‘endless aisle’ – or virtual distribution centre. You can then set automatic rules for fulfilling orders: sale rates and weekly stock forecasts, fastest shipping times, store locations or the number of days the stock has been in store. If the designated location isn’t able to fulfill the order our system will automatically reassign the order to the next best location.

Real time order tracking

With real time order tracking your customer service team will be able to check your customers’ order status in real time. The solution also offers email and SMS options to keep customers updated at each step of the order and delivery process.

Marketing and contact management

Island Pacific SmartChannel/SmartOrder captures customer data from multiple channels, creates a lifetime customer purchase history and allows you to sort via flexible segmentation criteria. Island Pacific SmartOrder then allows you to use this data as the basis for email and telemarketing campaigns to strategically increase sales.

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