We Can Deliver a Best of Breed Open to Buy in only 3 Months

We Can Deliver a Best of Breed Open to Buy in only 3 Months

Typically implementing a Pre-season and in-season plan along with an integrated line plan and of course integrating to existing systems, would take between 6- 12 months for a retailer.

An Effective Retail Planning Tool

At Island Pacific we are focused on delivering solutions quickly and effectively so retailers can get the results they need.

With this in mind we have developed a best of breed pre-season and in-season planning tool which provides retailers with the ability to manage their open to buy efficiently to make the right decisions quickly.

By using the Island Pacific FastPlan solution it will remove the retailers need to rely on spreadsheets which although extremely flexible, come with a number of data integrity issues.

What Is Island Pacific FastPlan?

Island Pacific FastPlan is a best practice approach to merchandise, channel and line planning provided by Island Pacific which can be delivered in just three months.

What are the key Benefits to Retailers?

By implementing Island Pacific FastPlan solution you will achieve the following key benefits

  • Fast accurate view of your open to buy (WSSI).
    • You will no longer be relying on the inaccurate manual update of spreadsheets. Your team will be able to view very quickly the open to buy they have available across your merchandise which allows them to make informed decisions.
  • A tool which delivers a rapid return on investment.
    • Once the team have a planning tool which does not require manual updates but provides them with a clear view of their stock holding and open to buy it means that they can really focus on the exceptions and where the opportunities are. Ultimately this will lead to, improved stock turn, lower inventory level, tighter control of open to buy and focus on spending where the revenue will provide a return on investment.


Island Pacific FastPlan Key Features

Island Pacific FastPlan provides the following key features

  • Strategic / Merchandise Planning.
  • Pre-Season Planning.
  • In-Season Planning
  • Open to Buy Control (OTB/WSSI).
  • Channel & Location. Planning
  • Key Item Planning
  • Inbuilt Reporting & Analysis
  • Integration services to third party application
  • A planning solution that grows as you grow.
  • Quick implementation in just 3 Months.
  • Ability to integrate with your existing solutions.
  • Delivered by an implementation team with a proven track record.

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