Retail Orphan Initiative

Retail Orphan Initiative

SuperSaturday, NRF, January 14 2017

Retail Orphan Initiative (Retail ROI) raises awareness and provides real solutions for he more than 400 million vulnerable children worldwide.

Retail ROI has 3 primary goals, to bring awareness to the enormous needs of orphans worldwide, to encourage companies (retailers, vendors, manufacturers) to create programs internally for their companies to help with the need and to raise funds to help “feet on the street” charities who are making a real difference.

In 7 years, SuperSaturday has helped generate over $2.5million and helped over 185,000 children.

Island Pacific is delighted to be a proud sponsor of RetailROI and the SuperSaturday 2017 Event at NRF.

Click here for more information on SuperSaturday 2017, January 14th, 2017 or to donate to RetailROI.