Island Pacific SmartBus

At Island Pacific we know how critical it is to seamlessly link all your computer systems together. The Island Pacific SmartBus acts as an interface between the Island Pacific platform and other third party applications and services. With Island Pacific SmartBus you’ll be able to create a stable platform for all your modules, while leaving the Island Pacific system in a clean, unmodified state so that future upgrades remain easy.


An essential part of this system integration is Island Pacific SmartBus. The solution creates an interface between Island Pacific modules and external third party applications and services already deployed to your infrastructure. Based on Mule – industry standard open-source software that follows best practice procedures – the Island Pacific SmartBus architecture is scalable and can handle interactions across legacy systems, in-house applications, and almost all modern transports and protocols.


Using Island Pacific SmartBus, your business can maintain a stable platform for your existing software (such as your warehouse, financial, planning and allocation systems) while leaving the Island Pacific system in a clean, unmodified state, ready for easy updates. For a demo, or to learn more about how Island Pacific SmartBus can benefit you, contact us today.


Key benefits:

  • Full system integration: Fully integrate Island Pacific modules, with each other or other third party systems
  • Logging and alerting: Track and log all communications between different modules and/or third party systems and services
  • Security: Ensure security of your data using different access levels for different users, defined by you
  • Administration: Streamline work and management procedures using the solution’s comprehensive administrative toolkit
  • Easily integrated: Island Pacific SmartBus offers simplified system integration using a robust solution that requires minimal effort from you.


Learn more about the features and benefits of Island Pacific SmartBus here.


For a demo, or to learn more, contact us today.

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Learn to use new modules quickly and easily with Island Pacific’s user-friendly design and dashboard interface.

Create a stable platform for connecting all your Island Pacific modules and third party applications and services

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