Island Pacific SmartSuite

In retail, the moment of decision is everything. Today, those moments are 24/7 and global. At Island Pacific we offer true, customer-focussed retail technology solutions, because helping you connect with your customers is where the Island Pacific story began. We build our systems around customer expectations and create seamless, end-to-end solutions to exceed the needs of your business and your customers.


At Island Pacific we have over 35 years of experience delivering software solutions across the entire scope of retail operations.  From the creation of initial plans, merchandise and inventory management, warehousing, financials, omni-channel solutions, mobile and fixed counter POS and more. We’re committed to building solutions that give you the opportunity to drive revenue from new sources, from web, mail order, retail bricks and mortar as well as business to business sales opportunities such as franchisee and wholesale.  We know how important increasing loyalty and growing your share of your customers’ investment in your brand. Our solution has been implemented by over 600 global brands and across over 50,000 points of sale worldwide.


Island Pacific SmartSuite is available as a comprehensive, integrated system, or as a series of feature-rich, stand-alone modules that allow retailers to select the modules that meet their business needs. All modules work together, ensuring data integrity and a single view of information across all of your channels, stores, warehouses and head office.   After over 35 years working in retail we have extensive experience of integrating with your existing third party systems. Our solution is scalable, growing with you as your business grows. Retail is a fast moving industry and we ensure you stay ahead of your competition by constantly enhancing our products and offering a planned upgrade path to ensure your business keeps pace with the latest retail advances.

At Island Pacific, we combine our retail and technology savvy with extensive implementation and support experience to deliver smooth, efficient and low-risk implementations that are backed up by a global support team, accessible 24 hours a day.

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Island Pacific SmartLinks

Island Pacific SmartSuite has a number of links to assist in the integration of third party applications.  Our aim it to provide end to end solutions for today’s retailers and where existing applications exist in the retailers infrastructure to work seamlessly with them to ensure one version of the truth. Learn more about the features and benefits of Island Pacific SmartLinks here.


Key benefits of Island Pacific SmartSuite:

  • An end-to-end solution to manage all your channels
  • Leader in omni-channel merchandise management
  • Provides tools to drive intelligent merchandise decisions across all channels
  • Private cloud-based and on premise solutions available
  • Over 30 years’ experience delivering retail software solutions
  • A solution which offers proven return on investments including increased sales, reduced stock, improved margin and business efficiency