Introductory Blog

So it begins, the Island Pacific blog has finally arrived and we are tremendously excited to inform and create a network for discussion in the wonderful world of retail. The consistent evolution of retail has resulted in the need for retailers and retail software to keep up with the pace of the modern shopper.

Why the Island Pacific blog?

The purpose of a blog is to be an informational piece in an informal style because no one wants to be bored out of their mind reading an article packed to the brim in lexicon. So to avoid you falling asleep on your keyboard, we hope to keep you awake with our retail blog. We will devote time to regularly create new and interesting content for you.

The content that will be brought to you we hope will quench your thirst for knowledge.  Will discuss the products we offer and relate them to relevant topics such as:

·         Digitalisation

·         Customer experience/ Role of customer

·         Events in retail

·         Merchandising

·         Retail peak weeks

·         Technological trends

·         Industry news

These provide you with an idea of what topics will be discussed to generate relevant discussion which will help us here at Island Pacific to develop for the better and also retailers looking to improve their customer experience.

Now you have a brief introduction of why you should continue your retail blog journey, we hope you sit back read and expand your knowledge. We know you will enjoy our blogs and that they will prove to be educational and indeed useful for you.