Five Ways Island Pacific Can Help Your Planning Process?

Five Ways Island Pacific Can Help Your Planning Process?

Take a look at these five ways in which Island Pacific can help your planning process.

Reason 1, One version of the Truth

One of the key issues which many retailers face today is the fact that over time many retailers have many disparate systems across so many different parts of the organization. Therefore, in terms of actual data feeding into planning it proves a challenge!

One of the key benefits of Island Pacific Planning is as part of the implementation process we work with your technical team to ensure the actual data we receive into planning is usable and provides the business with one version of the truth in order to make informed decisions.

Reason 2, Data Integrity

Why do retailers love spreadsheets? Typically, the flexibility that they provide and the fact that usually everyone within the retail organizations are used to using them.

The downside of spreadsheets especially for planning purposes is data entry of actual information in order that you can plan.   Data entry takes time and almost always the integrity of the data is lost.

Island Pacific SmartPlanning removes any issues with regards to data integrity with no room for manipulation of actual data in the system

Reason 3, Speed of Access to data which can be cut & spliced

With Island Pacific SmartPlanning there is no need to input actual data.

Data such as inventory, receipts and sales are automatically fed into the system.

That means not only do retailers enjoy speed from data input but also speed of informed decision making

Reason 4, Joined up information

Can you imagine the ability to have a solution which is modular which grows with you over time can integrate seamlessly with your master data but then really importantly provides the ability to layer on additional functionality over time and evolve based on what you need?

  • Pre-Season Planning
  • In-Season Planning
  • Item Planning
  • Store Grading
  • Option Planning
  • Range Building
  • Size profiling
  • Purchase Order creation
  • Allocations which can access plan and actuals
  • Replenishment which can access plan and actuals
  • Forecasting which can take into account machine learning

Reason 5, Return on investment

The Island Pacific SmartPlanning solution has been implemented by retailers across the globe some of the benefits and returns of investments which they have experienced include:

  • Higher retention of staff, due to improved tools to carry out their work
  • Faster access to data and key performance indicators to complete planning process.
  • Increased sales, lower inventories, improved in stock position, tighter management of Open to Buy
    • Ability to plan by category and channel.
    • Ability to plan by status full price, mark down or continuity status.
    • Ease of planning top down and bottom up and to compare the two.
    • Line planning for core and continuity assisting in managing sales and inventory.
    • Clearance stock planning
    • Better communication with suppliers for open to buy requirements
    • Improved store planning & grading.
    • Better ranged stores and channels due to planning, grading and size profiling